Ferrari & AWS: the marriage 2.0.

Every era has its own myth.

I am sure you will all agree that brands such as Amazon and Ferrari have represented a big one within their respective fields.

Who could have ever expected a partnership between the two, but, believe it or not, this is actually happening!

Mattia Binotto (Managing Director and Team Principal Ferrari): “Ferrari and Amazon Web Services (AWS) represent excellence in their fields and I am delighted to welcome a partner with an exceptional background in innovation and creativity. As an Official Cloud Provider, AWS will enable us to transform our company into a data-driven organisation that uses the power of this technology not only to improve our products but also to connect with the millions of fans we have around the world. We chose AWS because of its relentless focus on innovation, vast offering of machine learning solutions and proven track record of supporting global partners. AWS is unmatched in its portfolio of cloud services, including computer vision and machine learning, and we intend to leverage them to strengthen and accelerate our data analytics capabilities.”

The process of innovation across the entire Maranello organisation, as well as extending all the advanced technology of the AWS giant to GR and Challenge racing and automotive operations, will be key to millions of fans around the world, including the younger generation who only know the echo of the legend of past companies.