What could be more green than a virtual expo?

The 2.0 world has given birth to something unimaginable: a real exhibition – complete with visitors, buyers & beautiful stands – totally virtual!

All it took was a simple registration to a technological platform provided by Hypersmarter and the first edition boasted almost 4,000 registrations, with about 8,000 visits spread over the three days (28-29-30 January 2021) and with an exchange of over 7,000 virtual business cards.

The 3D virtual expo will take place from the 1st to 4th March 2022 and will focus on five thematic areas: renewable energy, sustainable mobility, eco food, slow and local tourism and circular economy.

‹‹ GREEN TOGETHER ›› is the slogan. With the aim of expanding the conscientious and attentive green community, the sustainability fair will give voice to sustainable ideas, products and services from companies in the sector, both experienced and already on the market, and very young start-ups.

With the aim of raising awareness and increasing environmental culture, the Smart Talks Contest also returns, divided into two categories, the first of which is dedicated to new start-ups and/or university researchers, while the second is dedicated to a product already launched on the market. During the last edition, the winners included Biova Beer, a beer made by recovering unsold bread in order to avoid wasting food, EcoAlene by Ecoplasteam, a non-plastic obtained by recycling polycarbonate packaging that was previously impossible to separate, and finally, the Filo&Fibra Cooking Box, which uses wool recovered from livestock farmers to cook food at low temperatures.

Can you imagine what ingenuity might come up at the next edition?

The second edition has a new feature in store: Geco for School, from 18th October to the 18th of December, a virtual appointment for over 10,000 high school students!

“Geco Expo was created during the pandemic precisely because of the need for companies and buyers to meet despite lockdowns,” explains Daniele Capogna, founder of Geco Expo. “A 100% eco-friendly platform, capable of providing an experience very close to reality thanks to the avatars. And it is our intention to remain hybrid and not go back to doing a totally live exhibition. The way of doing business needs to be rethought and a partly virtual event not only pollutes less, but is able to cross national borders more easily, exponentially multiplying the number of connections around the world. This is why we are translating the site into five languages.

All we have to do is create our Avatar!