Japan Airlines’ fleet transition

Japan Airlines decides to restructure its aircraft fleet and announces: from 2023, out with the Boing-777, in with the Airbus A350.

The Japanese giant will focus its business on the Airbus A350 making it the winning horse to bet on, reducing their operating costs – thanks to the A350’s improvement in fuel efficiency – and to the cabin configuration, which seems to be preferred by their customers.

In its change of direction, the airline has announced from Tokyo that it will introduce the A350 on domestic flights.

As announced in October, the strategy will take its first steps with the removal of at least n. 24 Boing-777s (models -200, -300 and -200ER), which have flown both domestic and international skies.

The ‘Sky Pirate Alliance’ has announced that, among the various twists and turns we can expect, the larger A350 -1000 will be introduced and will cover routes to both North America and EU, whereas the smaller A350-900 will become JAL’s domestic flagship.

From early indications, it seems that 13 of the new A350-1000s have been released.

From its headquarters, JAL shared with us its plans: the Boing 777 fleet will be reduced to 13 aircraft (from the 39 in April 2020), whereas, the new giant of the sky will increase from just 5 aircraft to 18 in the same timeframe.