“Send me your pricing”

“Send me your pricing”

I’ve heard it so many times, it’s genuinely not a negotiation tactic when I say “I would need more information to give you an actual price for my services.”

It is because I know my market. I know how difficult the role will be to fill, I’ve also heard “Damn, Alex. You like the difficult ones don’t you”. Yes, yes I do, I like saying that I was able to help when nobody else could and charging 20-25% for that honour.

“Our standard fee is 15%”

Honestly, I’ve never understood it and I’ve always wondered where that number came from. I really don’t believe you can just set one price on recruitment and claim that you bring the same value to every job. I would really like to find out who is the smart arse that decided that 15% is the standard fee in recruitment?

So, this is what I’ve decided to send to potential clients when they ask me for a %.

Before I give you a quote, I need all the relevant information:

At Recrewit, this is how we price our services because we feel this is the fairest way to do so.

I’ll be honest, I’ve never done anything at 10% that’s not to say that I wouldn’t. I was always told to be commercially aware, if someone says they only work at 15% or 20% then that to me shows little commercial awareness.

I’ve had potential million-pound deals on the table before, at around 10% but It didn’t happen because it wasn’t worth the time or effort and probably the stress. We’d rather walk away than sell ourselves short and regret it later. 

Last week I had agreed terms at 16% with a new client, however, he made the decision to hire quicker than I thought he would’ve, so I offered him a 1% discount, without him asking for it.

We’re realistic, we know the value we bring, and ultimately, we can stand our ground and justify our pricing when the clients ask.

On that note, when we mention “difficulty of filling the role”, don’t assume that we only mean the salary on offer. If you pay peanuts, I will tell you that you will receive monkeys and not unicorns. (this is what I like to call managing expectations)

There are many factors that come into play, market conditions, fiscal regulations, quality of life, experience required, interview process, the recruitment model you pick, how many references required, how much do I need to chase you for Feedback, you could save yourself a few % if you just got back to people, and more…  

At Recrewit, we keep it real. We’re not going to waste yours, the candidate’s or our time.

Are you looking to recruit “standard” members of staff or the best?

If you want to find out more about what we can do for you and how much we’ll charge you for it or if consultants are pulling figures from the sky and saying 15% is the standard but you feel they can’t really explain the price, get in touch. This isn’t a price guarantee, but we will be transparent with our quote.

Alex@Recrewit.co.uk or 00447586021685